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Shin-Etsu Handotai

Hager + Elsässer provides electronics grade water treatment plant for the world's No.1 manufacturer of high quality silicon wafer production

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  Aviation & Aerospace

We have supplied many plants for both water and wastewater treatment to a wide range of both Original Equipment Manufacturers and also Service & Refurbishment companies for engines, airframes and other components.

It is well known that the balance between wastewater quality and flow rate is rather different from the more conventional surface / metal finishing industry and this makes wastewater purification and recirculation for re-use a much more attractive proposition than is normally the case. Many of the plants we have supplied include high-percentage water recirculation techniques. This not only reduces the purchase cost for water consumed, but also ensures very high quality water is supplied for product rinsing, thereby assisting our customer to maintain the very high product requirements.

Of course, such recirculation techniques, which are very often ion exchange-based, also produce wastewater which has to be handled separately, and therefore, some form of wastewater treatment facility is required. Nevertheless, since the flow to be treated is far lower than would be the case without rinse water recirculation, the size of the required plant is minimised.

The refurbishment of aviation components is one of the very few applications where the use of cadmium is still permitted. When cadmium plated parts are refurbished, the original cadmium plated layer is stripped off, and the component is then re-cadmium plated after other work has been completed. The use of cadmium is strictly controlled by the Environment Agency. We have been supplying systems for the closed-loop treatment of cadmium and so-called zero-discharge technology for many years.

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