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Shin-Etsu Handotai

Hager + Elsässer provides electronics grade water treatment plant for the world's No.1 manufacturer of high quality silicon wafer production

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  Electronics & Semiconductor

We supply ultrapure water production systems to the very latest treated water quality and engineering standards to match the constant demand from our clients for improvements, not only in treated water quality but also in the cost of ownership.

We take part in research projects and work together with our clients, tool manufacturers and chemical suppliers ensure that the systems we offer are at the forefront of available technology and also to develop new and improved high-rate recycling systems and minor developments in system design to minimise operating costs.

For small to medium capacity requirements, we are able to supply systems from our standardised equipment range where appropriate. For larger capacities and where our clients' specifications require, we offer fully customised plants.

We undertake plant expansions and upgrades as well as minor works such as loop extensions, hook-ups, modification to drains etc. We are used to reacting rapidly to the demands tight time schedules, including the completion of minor works in short shutdowns.

Our development and laboratory facilities are available to assist both us and our clients to monitor the ongoing performance of their plants, as well as enabling us to keep at the cutting edge of new developments in water treatment technologies.

Whether your requirement for ultrapure water is for a few hundred litres per hour or several hundred cubic metres per hour, we can provide the system you need, designed and configured exactly to your requirements when necessary.

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